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Sunday, October 12, 2008

FRIM New trail

Our trip to FRIM took another new turn, we had joined republic of Puchong(ROP) gang for a new ride. We had arrived at 9 am, but they were ready by8 am, so those bros had to wait for an hour before our arrival. They waited for us as I told them that we had a gang of four, they had a turn out of 17 members.
Upon arrival, we called jason and yuki, which saw them chicken out...what a shame. Jason is obviously being chicken out by bukit cermin incident, we saw him vomitted and free falling...haha, hope he will recover fast, if not, I will need jimmy to bring him to install a basket and a baby seat on his tbolt.
We started with the new trail, andmust thanks aznul to wait for us at the entranceof the trail. it was fun, with some techincal dh trail, jungle tracking trail.
Start with a uphill and once reached the peak, it was a steep dh trail, technical...nice piece..must try again. Bay shos his stunt by falling on the first loop, brake too hard on the front...hahahh

The best bike that comes with a stand, the rest of the bikes had to be laid on the is an envy of others

End of technical trail, you will see people walking up the hill

The bikes need to rest at the drain, where mine come with a stand...hehehe

The XT shimano, what the big deal..everyone was talking on the set??

This jersey was able to create some commotion

Brother aznul, picture taken by bay, very obvious he was shocked by the dh trail, he tried to take 2 shots, the outcome is the same, his hand was shivering, or his balls is.

I have to shot this pic to show you the group that we are with, but they like to rest for a long interval before the next ride, diff culture

discussing on the attack of the next trail..bro aznul with his fired up tummy..yeah, the way to go, this is fashion statement

Serious on riding bro..look at the setup

Bay, on th entrance, uphill ride

Bay, after the dh ride...hahahah

You can see him blurly, cause he was too shaky for the camera...hahha

Good ride. Nice trail, must try on the next return, after the ecc jamboree.
I will be away till the jamboree, will post more pic on the next ride soon..yeh...bye


Rachel said...

wah.. nvr knew you are into biking hehe
Good good good.. good exercise ;)

akmalhizam said...

i believe it's the Dream Trail. i enjoyed the trail as well. quite technical, and the scenery is awesome.

Alimuddin Shahid said...

Check out ROP's latest Frim ride here All Mountain Bike Action


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