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Thursday, December 11, 2008

wow...a ride @ Puchong, the sand quarry

Dear guys,

its been a long time since our outing in KL and I thought the flame had died off from the sahara torture. At least our fren lanster has not recover from the burn out of sahara. Lately, attention was bring to the new recruitment of our long awaited guest list into the cycling arena, Ken. The following pic is taken as a result of he getting prepare for a ride at the office vicinity....

Now next is my ride at puchong, back of my home yard, this is something special, i could ride to kota kenmuning within 15 min from my house thru a small road parallel to the klang river, surprisingly. Then the pic will show some sand excavating project that is happening in Puchong Selangor and I think it must be illegal, it is so deep, that i you fall into it, i guarantee of immediate death.

Eyewear - Kuota Pro Race

Hi all, another tips to improve the "Gaya" or "Style" when riding (Not riding skill).

I bought this eyewear last week. Initially, i was looking for the extra lens for my Oakley M-Frame for night ride. After i seeing this, i have decided to get another pair of eyewear. It is because this eyewear includes 5 lens which could be use for different ride, including night ride....

The frame gets in your vision when you've got your head down and are looking up the road (always a good idea, looking where you're going). The rubberised section of the nose bridge is too slippery also, and it only gets worse with sweat, leading to the shades creeping down your nose a little when riding (depending upon your nose of course). There's no getting away from it - these are great value, but they're a little too flawed in their design to take a max score from us, despite the five lens deal.

My newly MTB Stuff..... Merry Christmas...

Hi All, i just want to share my Christmas presents for this year. (actually i bought for my self).

1) Adidas Minrett Shoe (08)
The Adidas Minretts feature lightweight mesh sides and a split suede upper, so although they’re padded around the heel and ankle, they’re actually quite quick to dry too.
Cleat depth is also good, as the tread angles away from the cleat at the side, increasing ground clearance.
Although the cut is respectably roomy across the shoe and at the heel, the toe box is a little on the narrow side, which is fine if that suits your foot shape, but, as with any shoes, it’s best to try before you buy.
For good commuting credentials, there’s a small reflective tab at the heel for catching car headlights.

2) Shimano Deore XT SPD Pedals(08)
There are cheaper Shimano SPDs than the Deore XT – the budget M520 costs around £20, for example. However, your money gets you uprated bearings and excellent sealing, longer spells between services, a lighter weight and better long-term durability.
Okay, so the main Achilles heel of SPD pedals – they tend to fill with mud – remains. But it doesn't seem to stop them working. We’ve lost count of the times we’ve been astounded when throwing a mud-caked shoe at a lump of crud on the end of a crank arm, only for the pedal to defy all probability and engage with its tell-tale click. Fantastic.
The pedals to bbuy if you want to ride like the wind and simply forget about your pedals

Finally, whether this will improve riding skills or not is second issue. Primary concern is that We need to have "Gaya" & "Style"..... hahaha

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ken Wong in the making

dear all, welcome ournew mate ken wong in joining the craze for mtb. he has been riding 5 km daily to catch up with the latest trend.
Seemslke he has a great bike, light and full geared.


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