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Monday, January 12, 2009

Taman Mas Puchong


this is to uodate on our recent ride to taman mas puchong. we started late due to one of our member who is not familiar to puchong, from sungai long.
The ride started from taman putra prima at 850 am, 15 of us and lead by Puchong Underground Bike Leader - Tony.
Take a ride to saujana putra and staright into the palm oil estate, and we clocked 48km in total.
very nice scenery,but too many sops due to some of the members that are not fit to ride. This caused some cooling down. i personally had a back pain, riding after the cool down waiting.
It rain the day before, so the trail is a bit wet..but not too bad, just nice. The weather is very comforting and it is not too hot in the estate. Not techinical, no high climb, purely XC, very nice and good for stamina training. Here are some pics of the people in the ride...I will try to remember as much names as possible... here goes.... This is james Lau, making his jump
This after the break in one of the coffee shop in Cheeding

The gang and I, the red shirt is kenneth, from sg.long

Lanster Bay, getting some big big bro...

AHH, this is TONY, our Puchong Underground Leader, he guide us thru the jungle, looking forward for a night ride BRO

Chai, if i am not mistaken, ...

Lim, i heard that he owns a bike shop, he really needs a lot of rest

The coffee shop at Cheeding

The bike needs a rest too

It used to be 4500 a ton

now, it is for our riding

MOney tree

The nice and straight trail

the drain is always me

Tony's son and james lau

David and lanster

Peter and David, david need more workout, but he can still smile, i guess this is the best ride so far in puchong


KS shox in a T-bolt

The zefal

eddie and I, while waiting for the rest of the gang

I cant remember his name, sorry bro

The ride that worth the wait. We are actually training for the PCC ride somewhere in June?09? eddie says it 80km, must be great...guys, see you on the next ride...after my exam. take care.

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