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Friday, April 3, 2009

My Tank was Sold.....& I am starting to look for new hard tail bike.

My Tank Race Elite was sold to my friend. And I start to source for a hard tail. Why i need another hard tail bike??? Normally, i will use Hard Tail Bike to participate all the Jamboree Ride. It is because Hardtail bike is much more lighter then INTENSE 6.6.

Due to the reason i am still have not decided which hard tail to buy, i had to use my INTENSE to attend Kulim Hi-Tech Jamboree last month. The good news is that i managed to complete all course (total 56km) for this ride.

For timing, i have few option for new Hard Tail...
1) Santa Cruz Chameleon
2) Cannondale F2 (Lefty)

1) Santa Cruz Chameleon

It can't change color, and it's made out of metal, but the name is still appropriate. With a stiff and sharp handling aluminum frame designed around the ability to run any length fork from 100 to 160mm, an eccentric bottom bracket to allow the option of geared or singlespeed use, enough material to stick some hard landings but still light enough to climb like it means it, the Chameleon is the kind of bike that can be built to be at home in whatever surrounding you might have in mind. Do you want your lizard to run fast, or jump real high? Your call... (source: Santa Cruz Website)

2) Cannondale F2

For hardtail riders, the Caffeine is a purist's choice. Butted tubes, Cannondale's well-known smooth, double-pass welds, and optimized, oversized frame design makes the Caffeine a joy to ride.
The use of butted tubing in the seat, top, and down tubes (plus seat stays) puts strength where it's needed and removes material where it's not to optimize light weight performance

It's not easy to design both rider comfort and immediate power transfer from the same set of tubes. Cannondale heritage of aluminum design goes into oversize tubing choices, ensuring a first class riding experience. (Source: Cannondale Website)

Both bike does have a very good review, It is very difficult to choose. For Santa Cruz Chameleon is more like all mountain Hard Tail - One bike can do all action & do not worry where i go. On the other hand, Cannondale F2 is pure on Cross Country Bike only. But it does have a very unique fork - Called Lefty (Only one left side fork).

INTENSE 6.6 .... New Upgrade...

In order to make my INTENSE 6.6 lighter... I have decided to upgrade parts to XTR & HOPE ROTORs...

1) XTR (Complete Sets)
XTR. Three letters representing the pinnacle of mountain bike technology. Since its debut XTR has been the absolute standard for lightness, durability and performance. XTR is the benchmark by which all other off-road components are judged. And we've just moved it up again.

The new XTR isn't just a refinement of what's come before - it's an almost total overhaul that completely changes the riding experience. Ride with quicker, faster control and response, anywhere you want. Whether you're a cross-country racer, an all-mountain rider or just someone who wants the very best, new XTR is engineered for the way you ride (Souce Shimano website)


The Hope 2 Piece Rotors is constructed of a lighter design. 2 Piece Rotors

* Lighter design (Because center part of rotor is made from Alloy)
* Allow for smoother braking
* New Front Rotor Size: 8"
* New Rear Rotor Size: 7" (upgrade from 6")
* To replace my current Avid Polygon Rotor.

Lastly, i still not very sure how much weight i have reduced for my bike..... But i will weight my bike at Bike shop when i am free.....


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