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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Planning a Comeback

Hello guys, its been a long time since I am write in this blog. I must say that I am so tied down with the assignments and scoring high distinction in my MBA. Luckily, everything gets to balance off and managed to score 2 HD, hope to maintain my GPA 6.5 and above with the coming result. Well I have another 3 more papers to clear, and by this coming CNY2010, I promise you that I will be full active again in MTB.

MJ had passed away, its sad that we had lost a legend, but nevertheless, we are lucky to live in this era together with him before, most of us grow up with his music and dances. He still amazed me with his move on moon walking. I saw his concert on tv the other day, he is so fabulous. We should all learn from his attribute of business acumen in the music industry and putting his creativity into the music arena. Good bye MJ.

Well after 6 months short of MTB, I had been keeping my stamina train near my house stretch of road. On road cycling, just to kill some itch on MTB, ride for 10km. But i know I will be far behind you guys when we are off road, please wait for me..sigh.

My bro in crime, david, had improved so much on MTB, I used to laugh at his small capacity engine, although he has a good bike..heheh...its the person that is important, not the BIKE!!! hahah

This semester break will end by July 25th, hopefully can join a trip or two with the newly launch gang of puchongbikehash group...I used to call them puchong underground....hehe. Congratulation on your new blog, its nice and lovely. You got all the names there as well...good going brother seng...hehe

Oh..lastly, during this time away, I have been keeping in shape, and ensuring age will not catch up so fast on me so that I can still ride fast. For those who is hunger for pictures, I do not have any new pic at the current moment, but I have a pic on the remedy to keep young...till then, LIVE TO RIDE!!!!


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