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Monday, July 6, 2009

Jimbara - Kemensah - klang gate dam - jimbara, ride 5th july 2009

Zack is the man, 58 and going strong, wait..he is holding a map..we are lost.

bitten, dropped and squach by david


Leech biten

Lets rest to push further later

bleeding from the pedal contact

size is not a matter

Nice and cozy and fresh
why are we pushing bikes????

hehe, seng....

the river is good, forgive ah seng, he is tired with the camera

I want to go HOME


No grip at all


This is riding

nice piece

pushing is harder than walking

2km feels like forever

Push brader push

Push push push

before we start, the trail was so nice

Briefing by the lord zack


Dear guys,

The group that i previously introduced somewhere in march/April 2009 had evolve into puchong bike hash, and they are proud of it, i am proud of them too. On the 5 july 2009, I followed them to kemensah ride..haveno idea where was it till the day of depart.

The first entry was steep...from the information given, this is a xc trail with nice scenery...after riding up, we all started to push the bike...and push and rains in the morning.., it was wet and slippery.

The deeper we go into the trail..the longer we have to push, it was just too steep to the way, there were this small paper marking of KL hash run, I got an idea that this is a hash trail, and its a jungle tracking trail. OMG...

Pushed most of the time to reach a rest spot, a look at my meter, its 4 km!!! I WANT TO GO HOME!!!, someone then says, its down hill..yeah...after a 4km push, dh will be great. I put my saddle lower and get ready for a nice ride, after a few corner, i started pushing again, the downhill is too steep..hahahah, many tergolek....hahah, bravo tergolek..

I brand this trail PUPD. (push up push down) ...most of the time i was pushing bikes, i think it will be damn nice to run at this trail. but riding!? we need something which is less rocky and not too steep.

We arrived at the klang gate dam, wow, what a sight, nice. But the nice feeling does not last for a long time, it was all the way dh to the dam, but we need to push all the way back...hahhaha shxxx

after a few more pushing, my meter read 6.9km, the information given is 20km for the whole trail, i started to faint (literally). hunger strikes, image of roti canai banjir with dal and sambal is flyig in my mind...i recall that i have an energy bar...everyone else was hungry...6.9km, felt like 25km, cause most of the time we were on foot..pushing the bike....

scenery was nice, its a nice ride, i overheard someone saying that they will come again, i need more faith. The last round of riding was fun, all the way dh, with rocks and drain line ...once you slip into the drain line, the effect is ..tergolek!!! haha a lot of us tergolek, and the rock gave me a strong sense of not to hit on one, too dangerous and steep. The last of us is LOW, we waited for him for about 15min, once he show up, he annouce that he tergolek, and his bike..fully twisted..OMG..

Overall nice ride...enjoy riding with you guys...looking forward for next week...yeah, please ignor my personal complains...hahhaah

Live to ride..not push...

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Unknown said...

This is what MTB is all about....push up...push down...tergolek....It Thrill,that why we need more skill....more riding...Never Give Up


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