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Sunday, November 22, 2009


After so many months of drought, planning and wishing upon the star, i just cant get hold to join any night ride programs that were organised either by puching harsh or david. Finally, my own taman meranti jaya folks, made up of my neighbors...are having a night ride.

Location...from taman meranti jaya 1 to taman meranti jaya phase 2...hahaha. the route is short, making a u-turn every 500m, but we manage to cover helmet, no need for full gear, only lights. They are a group of neighbors that ride for fun and health, exercise and better sleep. I was invited today, after i borrow a rear shock pump from one of my neighbor, lim.

Eventhough it was not a real adventure night ride, the feeling is great, cool air, some lights, flat road, avg speed of 25km/h, cooling. I bet the real one must be great. I was telling them to train up and join the night ride in puchong..

No pic here, just a piece of my mind, nice ride..really enjoyed the cooling and nice air..looking forward for another night ride..yeah

Sunday, November 8, 2009

david pump it up in ladang teh, puchong

loong pumping hard

Its always the case to sports man, esp, those that are on the adventure sports, be it scuba diving, mountain biking and many more, they tend to keep upgrading their tools, the problem is, do you really use them. Hehe, yes we do, in time of emergency and needy, we need to use those tools, for scuba divers, the dive comp is an important tools to keep us alive, for a mtbiker, the pump, is vital to keep us moving, without it, we will have to push the bike out from the jungle, so everyone seems tohave a spare tube, a pump and some tools, except me..hehe, that is why i hook up with the gang, they take care of me..

in today case, loong and david is finding it hard to pump loong's tyre...hhaha, funny

LAdang Teh, Via Puchong Saujana Putra

Wow, its been months since this blog is active, i had been really lazy this few months, covering my law subjects and strategic paper. So many things happens since the last ride, I was force to quit my job, and now in between job. Last night, before the ride, was invited to a wine n dine, lots of question, but i introduced myself as jobless, i guess many people doesnt dare to say that, but i feel funny to even says it out, and most of the audience found it exciting, or maybe, low standard. What is standard? telling the truth is better than being a hypocrite..i love my new status...JOBLESS...hahaha

The dinner end at 1am. never got enough sleep, cant sleep well, cause was thinking about the ride buddy david arranged the trip to be around puchong, i think it will be easy as Puchong trail are known to be xc...but he called me at 7am, asking me to hurry up, the van is waiting at petronas...i was shocked!! i thought it was a easy ride, for warming up my old muscle..
We drove all the way to saujana putra, he mentioned bout the ladang teh, i remembered that we got lost there once, as we cant find our way out, david is an adventurer. The journey start when we park our van in front of a restaurant, all the way into the construction find a way into the jungle....haha, david is the man!!

This is what chun does, when we hit the highest point..(not that hi pun!)

Planning our way out of here...haha, we are lost...
All journey must have a rest and relax point..

This is when the guys learn how to use their pump..haha, loong, thx to you, if not of you, i would have to ride for another few km....phew...!!!

Stay tune, i will post a video on the blog...hehe


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