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Friday, December 18, 2009

Taman Cabaran, Putra jaya

wow, wow, its such a nice place that the government had designed for us. Its raining today, and i just missed my camera in the car, afraid of flooding it.

The call came last night at 12 am, when i chat withdavid of puchong, he invites me to go for a look out at putrajaya, to my amaze, i never knew that there is such a nice place to ride, not too technical, but maybe to first timer and long timer, like me, i am a long timer, long time no ride, a bit 'kecut' to go down on some slopes.

Overall, very nice, nice view, better than FRIM and Mont Kiara, less root on the ground, and not many people, facilities is good, nice and clean, and most of all its a new trail. so nice..must go back there to take some pics.

If you guys are free, please feels free to come and contact me, we go there, its FREE!!! you need to pay for FRIM..this is FREE!!


Well, we had so many of us today, on rough estimation, about 20 of us, one lady, i remember her, because she was riding a loose tyre, had a puncture, and having a heavy bike, but bravo, she made it, respect her strength.

The rest are made up of some seasoned rider, very friendly and much a maze, can really jump...hahah, bravo guys, btw, they are from puncak jalil puchong club.

I need to train more, lost the skill and the guts..hehe, but will want to join them for the night ride on every tuesday..putrajaya, on bro.

David, you had changed so much, i still remembered that you do not want to go off-road, mountain, wen i first met, you can fly..haha, good for you bro, keep it up.

till next trip, this is another blog page that is without pictures, hopes you guys wil bear with me..



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