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Saturday, November 13, 2010

MTB trail at saujana putra, jalan lombong somewhere la

this is my best site, i love it there, as this site was founded by a group, i named them puchong underground, then, they changed their name to puchong, you should have know them by this name, puchong hash.

the site was so popular at one time, and it makes this blog so popular. This trail is so nice because of its nice xc trail, sand, road and greenery scene. very relaxing, very fresh air, and easy ride for beginner and suitable for season riders too.

I like the trail, as it is near my home, wake up, change ..ride, and today we decide to go again, with my neighbor, test out the tbolt terra shark conversion unit. we started at 730, late, as we spend the nite installing the terrashark. by 810am, we arrived, at the trail. bit worry, as last nite, puchong rained, but once we are there, the trail looks dry and nice.

Unfortunately, during our last ride, there was some marking done, and this time, the trees was cut is BOTAK!!!

the trail now is like a open lady, naked, exposed to the sun, and you see a different view after all. you cant feel the fresh breath, no more eye soothing ride, shinny and sunny..

what you can smell are ..burned palm trees, and naked hills.

well, the ride is thrilling as normal, just that you have a different feeling all together, you have a diff feel on the same like before. same trail but diff feel, not nice, but diff feel.

look at the picture and see for your self...

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sepang jamboree 2010, nov 21

ohh, i shout the wrong date on the shout out.

there will be a sepang jamboree on this coming nov 21, 2010.

anyone interested to join, i think it is still not too late, please call KIT @ 0197887611

I heard there are some kfc voucher and it is a ride for charity.

so, get healthy and doing good deeds, is a way of a mtbers...

guys, sign up..and ..oh, not too long distance, hanya 45km saje...kacang la

T-bolt to Terra shark, convertion

Hi guys, long time no mud.
this is the tagline that i think all mtbers should be saying rather than long time no see.
If you are not riding, then there will be no mud on your MTB tyre.
This round, a change and upgrade from tbolt to terra shark frame, the difference? terra shark has a full body carbon frame, full frame..babe..carbon.
the process, is quite hectic though, as it is full carbon body, the tough part is installing and dismantling the bearing at the front fork and handle. too hard, afraid of damaging the frame, carbon frame will break apart is it is cracked.
installing the bearing to the body, take extreme measure as well, knocking is kept to the minimum, and we use rubber tools to knock it in.
The next tough part is the rear shock installation, as the frame is somewhat diff from the tbolt, it leave a very tight room for us to slot in the rear shock, but later, we found that the is an easy way to install it, so kacang.
The bike siap in 2 hours, getting ready for a ride in the morning to saujana putra palm estate... the trail that i like so much as it is near my house, and easy to ride over, no need to carry on vehicle..just wake up, change, and ride.
check on the Malaysia's first waterless shampoo.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

MTB-bandar puteri puchong nite ride

Ok, this is what i do on days when there was no arrangement done by the chief, david. we took a short ride around bandar puteri, from meranti jaya, just to challenge the hill slope of purteri 11. We had done it many times, but this is the only time, i am putting it on the blog, reason, i need to catch up on the blog and get more riding.
BP11, is well known for its nice scenary, and there are many couple that come here to chat and romance, hehe, and they bring their drinks too, nice place to catch your gals heart too. but as for us, we enjoy the long uphill trail, on road of course. bp11 is the alternative for cheras small genting, but this is more cleaner and looks better, and less commercialised, so, its best for a ride.
all the way up hill and down hill, is just to train and warm up for the real challenge.
we do riding on weekend saturdays / sunday. if you like to join, email us.

Monday, August 23, 2010


we started at kota warisan mamak, forgot the name but once you arrive there, you shall see the first mamak and that is where we grouped. It was a week into bulanramadhan, but the spirit in riding is shown in all the muslim friend, they are not affected by the fasting month, bravo.

As usual, there was a head count, 24 of us, one female, and follows with a safety prayer by our muslim friend. The ride took off by 1115pm, and we move ourselve into the palm estate, leading the pack is my friend, david. He ride fast and I was following behind, third to be exact, the nightmare from my pass cramp still shadow me, and I kept it slow and steady at light gear just to warm up a little. Still recall that i did not manage to finish this course before, and it was day time, so am expecting some roughness, better stay sharp and fresh.

Once into the estate, it was quite an easy ride, but it was nice and exciting, the lights that i bought from singapore works fine in the dark, magic808, i think its call. Well, i went there with my neighbour, kenny, and he has one piece on this magic light too, very bright and sharp, perfect for riding in the dark.

the action starts to get into heat, when we climb hills and long dh. it was so dark, when you look to yur left and right, the only thing you can see is BLACK. nothing. what i can see is the butt in front of me, belongs to another rider. as we go up the hill, i can hear 'rider, rider' that is when you slowed down and everyone is taking over u..haha.
when you go downhill, no one call rider, except if you stopped completely.
along the ride, you will hear, lubang di kanan, lubang di kiri..haha, or pokok or longkang.

there was a few unfortunate incident..
first, the female hit into a ravine and fly off her bike, due to too fast on dh and lack of visibility, light is very important huh.
then, there was this rider that fails to take off his clip shoe, and fell into a palm tree ravine, he is fine, but we all have a good laugh
then, one of us fell into a mud hole, really chocolated him, due to poor vision too
and lastly, the one that i saw, is the chain broke , and luckily our fren kenny had the tools to fix it for him.

overall, very nice and exciting ride, we end somewhere in 2am, ohh, btw, we hit an ular sawah too, only the fornt four pack hit it, sorry huh, datuk ular. it nice, but you gotto stay in the pack, i was once following a rider that was so slow on dh, and we missed the turning. once you missed one, you dun want that to happen, trust me, its not fun, you are lost!! that is scary.

Very nice ride, very worth it, priceless, and better than night dive (if you are a scuba diver) this is so darn nice. and burned out all your calories, trust me, i can still feel it now, it leave a remarkable feel inside you.

Ohh, before i forget, our last point is at the tip of kota warisan hill that you can overlook the klia train station, nice..nice, must go.

for those who wish to go and follow us for a ride, please keep posting or send an email to me, if there is a ride, we will contact, but you gotta buy your own gear huh, no helmet, no ride. and helmet is darn important, you need it to hit those palm tree leave, if you have a cap on, i bet you gotta a blueblack after the ride.
so see ya, happy riding.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

dangerous downhill at pcp

we went for a nice ride at pcp again, this time only 2 of us.
after cycling a few tracks, we found a nice spot to test the kona magic link, and kenny did his stunt..for the sake of the meranti jaya it is...

children are not suppose to do this without proper adult supervision, uncle kenny is pretending to be pain, the rest are real..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

muscle cramp

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✽ Pregnancy
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

cyberjaya nite ride..OFF ROAD

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The journey starts from meranti jaya thru saujana putra thru the lane next to elite highway towards cyberjaya, then carry bike up to the highway, using the cyberjaya flyover to reach qcell and go straight into the palm estate thru 2-3 orang asli settlement, up and down hill, with many dogs chasing and down and up and out towards qcell again, when you see qcel, its like seeing land after a long time in the sea. from qcell, using the cyberjaya flyover towards the semi finish link to putra perdana, come out from aman putra and thru putra perdana towards meranti jaya.

i got a cramp at the exit of putra jaya, 3 hours plus ride, 37 km, very dark, no street light, muddy and full drag road, very challenging. this is what i call nite ride it.

the best thing of the ride is, your vision is only your torch light, while going thru a mud water, a frog jumped in front of me, i thot it was a snake, it scared the hell out of me.

At one point, i need to lead, cause david need to cover the back, cause dogs only chased after the last rider, it was so damn scary to see nothing, but your torch light..but thanks to mj808, i had a very nice night vision.


this is when we successfully found our way out..haha
this cow dunk, you will never see on the road of KL..

my saviour, the water bag

souvenier from kota warisan down hill

this is when he leong lost control of his brightness control...short of air to the brain..and nasi lemak after attack

looks fresh before the ride huh....Leong, our new member to MTB,,..hehe later.. before the nasi lemak


proton everywhere

giant xtc team, the rider claim that he can climb uphill real fast..haha

clean tyres..huhu

kota warisan, dengkil, warned by david, that its a tough ride, invited my neighbour, a very new rider to mtb, told him bout the ride, he say yes and wanna to challenge himself. (leong is his name)

we arrived at mamak at kota warisan by 8am, the day is bright and nice, leong had a nasi lemak..omg, i had a break in the toilet...omg too, dirty.

ride started, i am so please with the palm estate, a very wide off road, then suddenly there was a uphill climb, then another , another and a steep downhill, challenging, i fell into the water runway, take a row on the ground and landed on my savior camelbak...thank you so much, again it save my back bone. bit painful, but david and shairur already in front, my fren, leong hasnot arrived. tried to stand up, felt the pain, then leong arrived. by this time we had climbed endless hill and go down endless was damn fun...

leong start to complain the nasi lemak in his tummy is coming alive..haha, he says his hue control / contrast control had hair wired, he sees everything so bright, brightness control rosak too..i told him that air is not going to the brain, he needs to rest, if not we will have trouble carrying him.

david and shairur proceed to climb more hill, leong and i find our way out..not easy.

this is a very good trail, must come back, i like it so much, better than saujana putra, frim all add together...


opps, the first photo was intend to be there, free advertisement ma...give chance la haha
the nite ride a putrajaya, almost every tuesday nite, start at 9pm. gather around the mosque behind the prime minister office, there is a big roundabout.
by the time i arrived at 845 pm, the car was full, all parked at the roundabout and there was like 30, to my amazement, this ride is popular, tis is the first time, after many years wanted to ride in the dark, or night.
got my new light, magic shine mj808, very bright, 900 lumens, influenced by my dearest buddies neighbor, but no regret, its bright, you shall enjoy the ride with this light, trust me, i used to have a 5 led cateye, to compare, the cateye was just a small pea (kacang).
the ride started to go at around 930, it was a nice scenary around putrajaya, really nice and proud of it, as a malaysian first, chinese second (hehe). the buildings was lighted up real nice, we went throught the offices and reach for the highway, long strecth of up hill and some down hill and we made a turn back to putrajaya. the ride is about 35km. we made it up to the wisma putra, up the hill, real challenging, but you gotta ride as fast as you can, if not, its just another kacang uphill.
going back to the nite ride again? putrajaya? hmm, maybe 3 months once, will provide some thrill.

new sleek tyre

Oh dear guys, long time no see, was being very busy spamming my facebook on my new product. PETdiatric laboratories Oxyzen conditioning shampoo for pets, dog and cat. wonder if you guys have time, please click on the facebook badge on the side to have a view on our list of members, or if you have more time, please go to to view at our active ingredient list, which are formulated and imported from JAPAN.

Ohh, ok, enough of the free ads, this blog is about biking.
changed my tyre of one of my basic solaris lerun bike to sleek tyre, the ride is more fun on the road, less drag and roll faster. Had a joy ride around puchong, towards puteri, wawasan and puchong will never imagine howmany hills that they have there, but its all tarmac, and built with bungalows and semiD, well, puchong is a nice place to live in.

Unfortunately, my bike which had suffered my abuse for 2 years gave up on its rear bearing, and i am looking for a hub replacement..still waiting for david to send his to me..hehe

next blog, on kota warisan ride and cyberjaya palm estate nite ride...scary

Sunday, March 14, 2010

14 march 2010..saujana putra, kebun teh, skve,

david the guide
lim the after fall

nice view at the lake

lime first shot: mud dive

lim second shot, try to get up, kenny was laughing







david is called upon for the ride, he has been in rest for the past 3 weeks, according to him, injured due to too tired after the jamboree.

We got to poisoned a new member to join too, eric..hehe, my neighbor.

Today coverage should not be less than 40 km, cause after the ride, i was shut off, so tired, so heaty and really flat..

the joourney started at 730, tmn meranti jaya guard doesnt allow our fren david to come in without leaving his license, haha, good job guard, but sorry bro..they are just doing their job.

we shoot all the way to saujana putra, at an average speed of 20...david was complaining that this is a relaxing ride. all the way cut through the contruction site and reach kebun teh, very nice place, i think this is ulu langat district. climbed to the highest point of kebun teh..very nice breeze.

along the way, we had some mud pit, nice trail for our bike, but too bad, lim fall into one of it, luckily, my cam was ready and took the shot!! wow, lucky us to see him in action ..hahah

we shall not laugh at others unfortunate..hahah, lim dont be angry ok..its funny for the blog

all the same on the way back, nothing special except for the sun, very striking, and got some tan along the way, and its 930, the weather is changing..

nExt week off, we ride again ..soon..


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