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Friday, February 26, 2010

27 FEB 2010, LDP Puchong - Kajang - Uniten - SKVE

Dear All,

Its been a really long time since theblog is active...Again.
This time its gonna be better, as the author, that is me, had done my MBA, and passes with flying colors. Now I can get back to concentrate on MTB..again.

To start the journey, after a long break and restart and break, I had chosen to warm up my skills, and stamina before any new stunts being applied.

I am so Lucky, that by the time i finished my studies, both my neighbors had picked up the sport, MTB, i had no idea whether i had a direct influence on them, but they are really serious on it, so for sure, this sports really bring good health and great experience. The best thing about the sport is the fresh air we breath in the track, clean and fresh air in the city that is full with polluted gas from vehicles.

Wow, I started my journey with these guys, Lim ( the white hair) and Kenny ( the no hair) and me ( the buncit red) riding from meranti jaya to uniten thru ldp and returning thru the new skve reaching putra perdana.

Nice ride, nice weather on the 27 feb 2010, nice sun rise, nice air on the skve and best of all not many cars around.

We started in the morning 630am, to test on lim's new light, the magic shine 800, damn bright light, its like a motorcycle light, which cost us less than 400 to have, and his new rear light..for 75. very nice and bright, but the cons is, it come with a batt pack that istoo huge to hang around, wait till he figure out how to solve this problem, i be getting mine from sg.

As you can see here, Kenny's ride in full MOD, damn nice bro.. and the light that i was meantioning about..

Rest at the marriot sign board and its time for a BANANA

Kenny doesnt want any banana

Lim loves banana, and kept showing off his

Ready to kick off, the early night rider

Changing and furious

sun rise from LDP - Kajang hway

Nice track



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