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Saturday, May 29, 2010

dangerous downhill at pcp

we went for a nice ride at pcp again, this time only 2 of us.
after cycling a few tracks, we found a nice spot to test the kona magic link, and kenny did his stunt..for the sake of the meranti jaya it is...

children are not suppose to do this without proper adult supervision, uncle kenny is pretending to be pain, the rest are real..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

muscle cramp

This guide is to help you to identify the possible cause(s) of your muscle
cramps or leg pain and to offer some self care tips which you can do at home
before going to your doctor for further investigations and treatment.
Generally when muscle cramps occur, you will experience a sharp, sudden,
painful spasm, or tightening, of a muscle, especially in the legs. The affected
muscles will also be hard to the touch. Persistent cramping pains in lower
abdominal muscles may also occur with back problems or during
✽ Muscle fatigue
✽ Heavy exercise, inadequate conditioning or overexertion
✽ Loss of body fluid
✽ Low glucose in body or electrolyte imbalance
✽ Hormone imbalances due to diabetes or thyroid problems, causing reduce
supply of blood oxygen to muscles
✽ Pregnancy
✽ Drink plenty of water and fluids
✽ Have a balanced diet
-consume a high-CARBOHYDRATE diet e.g. rice, bread.
-maintain optimal mineral and electrolyte intake including CALCIUM,
MAGNESIUM, POTASSIUM, and ZINC which apparently performs
combined roles in the prevention of muscle injury and cramps.


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