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Monday, August 23, 2010


we started at kota warisan mamak, forgot the name but once you arrive there, you shall see the first mamak and that is where we grouped. It was a week into bulanramadhan, but the spirit in riding is shown in all the muslim friend, they are not affected by the fasting month, bravo.

As usual, there was a head count, 24 of us, one female, and follows with a safety prayer by our muslim friend. The ride took off by 1115pm, and we move ourselve into the palm estate, leading the pack is my friend, david. He ride fast and I was following behind, third to be exact, the nightmare from my pass cramp still shadow me, and I kept it slow and steady at light gear just to warm up a little. Still recall that i did not manage to finish this course before, and it was day time, so am expecting some roughness, better stay sharp and fresh.

Once into the estate, it was quite an easy ride, but it was nice and exciting, the lights that i bought from singapore works fine in the dark, magic808, i think its call. Well, i went there with my neighbour, kenny, and he has one piece on this magic light too, very bright and sharp, perfect for riding in the dark.

the action starts to get into heat, when we climb hills and long dh. it was so dark, when you look to yur left and right, the only thing you can see is BLACK. nothing. what i can see is the butt in front of me, belongs to another rider. as we go up the hill, i can hear 'rider, rider' that is when you slowed down and everyone is taking over u..haha.
when you go downhill, no one call rider, except if you stopped completely.
along the ride, you will hear, lubang di kanan, lubang di kiri..haha, or pokok or longkang.

there was a few unfortunate incident..
first, the female hit into a ravine and fly off her bike, due to too fast on dh and lack of visibility, light is very important huh.
then, there was this rider that fails to take off his clip shoe, and fell into a palm tree ravine, he is fine, but we all have a good laugh
then, one of us fell into a mud hole, really chocolated him, due to poor vision too
and lastly, the one that i saw, is the chain broke , and luckily our fren kenny had the tools to fix it for him.

overall, very nice and exciting ride, we end somewhere in 2am, ohh, btw, we hit an ular sawah too, only the fornt four pack hit it, sorry huh, datuk ular. it nice, but you gotto stay in the pack, i was once following a rider that was so slow on dh, and we missed the turning. once you missed one, you dun want that to happen, trust me, its not fun, you are lost!! that is scary.

Very nice ride, very worth it, priceless, and better than night dive (if you are a scuba diver) this is so darn nice. and burned out all your calories, trust me, i can still feel it now, it leave a remarkable feel inside you.

Ohh, before i forget, our last point is at the tip of kota warisan hill that you can overlook the klia train station, nice..nice, must go.

for those who wish to go and follow us for a ride, please keep posting or send an email to me, if there is a ride, we will contact, but you gotta buy your own gear huh, no helmet, no ride. and helmet is darn important, you need it to hit those palm tree leave, if you have a cap on, i bet you gotta a blueblack after the ride.
so see ya, happy riding.


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