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Saturday, September 4, 2010

MTB-bandar puteri puchong nite ride

Ok, this is what i do on days when there was no arrangement done by the chief, david. we took a short ride around bandar puteri, from meranti jaya, just to challenge the hill slope of purteri 11. We had done it many times, but this is the only time, i am putting it on the blog, reason, i need to catch up on the blog and get more riding.
BP11, is well known for its nice scenary, and there are many couple that come here to chat and romance, hehe, and they bring their drinks too, nice place to catch your gals heart too. but as for us, we enjoy the long uphill trail, on road of course. bp11 is the alternative for cheras small genting, but this is more cleaner and looks better, and less commercialised, so, its best for a ride.
all the way up hill and down hill, is just to train and warm up for the real challenge.
we do riding on weekend saturdays / sunday. if you like to join, email us.

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