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Saturday, November 13, 2010

MTB trail at saujana putra, jalan lombong somewhere la

this is my best site, i love it there, as this site was founded by a group, i named them puchong underground, then, they changed their name to puchong, you should have know them by this name, puchong hash.

the site was so popular at one time, and it makes this blog so popular. This trail is so nice because of its nice xc trail, sand, road and greenery scene. very relaxing, very fresh air, and easy ride for beginner and suitable for season riders too.

I like the trail, as it is near my home, wake up, change ..ride, and today we decide to go again, with my neighbor, test out the tbolt terra shark conversion unit. we started at 730, late, as we spend the nite installing the terrashark. by 810am, we arrived, at the trail. bit worry, as last nite, puchong rained, but once we are there, the trail looks dry and nice.

Unfortunately, during our last ride, there was some marking done, and this time, the trees was cut is BOTAK!!!

the trail now is like a open lady, naked, exposed to the sun, and you see a different view after all. you cant feel the fresh breath, no more eye soothing ride, shinny and sunny..

what you can smell are ..burned palm trees, and naked hills.

well, the ride is thrilling as normal, just that you have a different feeling all together, you have a diff feel on the same like before. same trail but diff feel, not nice, but diff feel.

look at the picture and see for your self...

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sepang jamboree 2010, nov 21

ohh, i shout the wrong date on the shout out.

there will be a sepang jamboree on this coming nov 21, 2010.

anyone interested to join, i think it is still not too late, please call KIT @ 0197887611

I heard there are some kfc voucher and it is a ride for charity.

so, get healthy and doing good deeds, is a way of a mtbers...

guys, sign up..and ..oh, not too long distance, hanya 45km saje...kacang la

T-bolt to Terra shark, convertion

Hi guys, long time no mud.
this is the tagline that i think all mtbers should be saying rather than long time no see.
If you are not riding, then there will be no mud on your MTB tyre.
This round, a change and upgrade from tbolt to terra shark frame, the difference? terra shark has a full body carbon frame, full frame..babe..carbon.
the process, is quite hectic though, as it is full carbon body, the tough part is installing and dismantling the bearing at the front fork and handle. too hard, afraid of damaging the frame, carbon frame will break apart is it is cracked.
installing the bearing to the body, take extreme measure as well, knocking is kept to the minimum, and we use rubber tools to knock it in.
The next tough part is the rear shock installation, as the frame is somewhat diff from the tbolt, it leave a very tight room for us to slot in the rear shock, but later, we found that the is an easy way to install it, so kacang.
The bike siap in 2 hours, getting ready for a ride in the morning to saujana putra palm estate... the trail that i like so much as it is near my house, and easy to ride over, no need to carry on vehicle..just wake up, change, and ride.
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