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Saturday, December 3, 2011

PCP Dec 2011

Hi guys, its been a while since the blog was updated, its really been a while, the whole reason, I think i lost the guts to handle PCP or aka Putrajaya Challenge Park @ dengkil. I cant jump anymore, i cant ride uphill, did not enjoy the ride, every slop was a stress, and push my way down the slope. After the ride, felt so tiring, and exhausted.

If you guys are having this kinda feel..dun worry.

The good news is, I got over it.

The last trip to PCP was 3 weeks ago, didnt really enjoy it, very the end of the ride, I was thinking, maybe its time to stop, I lost the knowledge to enjoy..I took it too seriously...maybe.

Today, I had another trial, very nice, manage to get throught he slopes, uphill (eventhough a bit tired) and downhill, kacang..

The remedy?
You got to ride with a free soul, clear your mind, dun think about work or study, just relax...and slowly adapt to it. DO NOT RIDE WITH A SERIOUS MIND SET.

You gonna do it, trust me.
A good ride always end with a satisfactory mind and soul.
Not a tired and exhausted body...

Now, go back and ride on!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FRIM again sept 2011

Dah la, its been some 4 months since my last ride to pcp, that is like i stopped for like 6 months, and then my good neighbor called and, i say yes, to FRIM we go. Set up the bike at 8am, we are riding with 3 younger geng, now i realised that i am a senior, i started here back then 4-5 years ago, at FRIM.
Well, wasnt very impress on FRIM, as i had ride many time here, i think i know all the lubang and jalan in FRIM, as we ascent, the story is very different, i can feel the kick is different, i had a very different feel on FRIM. It has a nice good and fresh breeze in the morning, that is why you will see many come here for a walk/jog. We opt to ride up the hill, now these tracks come with names, those days, we just ride, and it has no names...hehe.. the younger geng, says Dream Trail...and we start our ride!

up one hill then another then down hill. Not an easy trail, a lot of roots and slippery due to the rain yesterday.

This trail need a lot of brake work and handling work, u might slip to the slopes if not careful.

very nice up hill and very nice downhill with little technical trail.

a good trail for beginner, remember that i started it here, means that, it give me the thrill to carry on till now..bravo FRIM!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


HI guys,

How are you guys doing, its been some time off the scene.
Feels like a long time out of riding mood, suddenly, my neighbor call for a ride on a sunday morning, with no direction or idea to ride! While in the toilet at 7 am on a sunday morning, all geared up for an off road ride, but have no bloody idea of whereabout. This is due to our normal route had been leveled by some development in saujana putra. We have our riding place! Then, i sent a sms to our buddy, KIT!

And off we are on our way to kota damansara, we have problem fixing the bike into the rack, we will skip that here, i would like to discuss more on the track/trail. We arrived at the meeting point, segi college, kota damansara, turn in from the petronas, next to segi and you will see a cova square and you park you vehicle there.
we enlight the bike from our car, and start riding, very excited as the trail is new to me and my friends, stress cause we are 30 minutes late, and still we need to have a power stick before the ride..

once we enter the trail, there are 3 of our members waiting and welcoming us, with a smiling face even though we are damn late. and they only says that we need to catch up a bit, as the team is at the first rest spot.

I heard so much about this trail and they says its dangerous and slippery with all the roots, well, i find it easy to ride a little of these and that. the root is not a big problem to ride, unless u speed like on the highway la bro.

The tour leader says that, this trail consist of some xc, some uphill, some down hill and some technical.
I found it to be very true, the xc is perfect for my tbolt, the uphill is nice, long and not too steep, the downhill too, nice, the best is the technical jump, attainable by me, i think you all can do it.

taking a rest after 3rd stop.power stick time, and let me warn you here, there are a lots of mosquitoes!! a lot of them, damn lot!! and those are aedes! no joke, they attack you by the hundreds and you can see their stripes. The bite you thru the shirt and i was on mosquitoes repellent before the ride, i know there is a lot of mosquitoes at a rubber plantation, but this is hell! they still attack me on the repellent hand. No use! bring the whole bottle. but the worst bit area is my to my camelbag. I kena teruk bro! more than 50 bites. i thnk if i gonna go into fever in this 2 days, i will be admitted. i am gonna be kena dengue.

Nice downhill here, very nicely attainable, kacang for some of you, but for amateur, you will like it, it really pump up the adrenaline.

a nice ride, finish with a straight ride home..


very nice for all level. if you get used to the trail, you can do a double round, you will never get bored.


The mosquitoes!
No joke, its like being attacked by bees.
If you have seen tv on anti dengue drive, please ask them not to waste time clearing the longkang! or used tyres. Its here that breed all the dengue, and the government is not doing anything. Cmon, rubber estate, is the best ground for aedes breeding. You are asking for suicide, if not protected with repellent. Too bad, people are paying hundreds of thousand to buy a new house next to RRI at kota damansara!! haha, i think it will be ham kah dengue !!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mountain Bike Training Myths

Mountain bike training has a lot of "trail myths" surrounding it. When someone decides that they want to get better on the trail they are usually told things like "work on your cardio", "ride your bike more" and "get a bike fit"...but there is more to each of those pieces of advice.

- "Work on your cardio": While cardio is important, the real key to riding faster and longer is to achieve better efficiency on the trail. Cardio is like the size of your gas tank and your efficiency is like the mile-per-gallon. You can get more by working on both than simply shoving a bigger gas tank in.

Efficiency comes from working on mobility and strength in the gym and on your skills off the trail. Increased mobility and strength will result in less wasted energy on the bike as your body is better able to achieve and maintain optimal alignment and movement. Increased technical skills will result in less wasted speed and momentum on the trail which means less overall "effort" to achieve the same speed.

Add it all up and you are able to go faster while pedaling less, which means better use of the cardio capacity you already have. For most riders starting out with a mountain bike training program, this is the first place to start. Increased "cardio" is nice but if you're wasting a ton of energy on the trail it is like pouring water into a bucket with a hole in it- it will never get full until you plug the leak!

- "Ride you bike more": When new riders first start every time they go out for a ride they feel like they are improving. However, this honeymoon period soon ends and riders are left trying to figure out how to continue improving. The advice from most veteran riders is that since riding helped in the beginning, then riding more must be the answer, right?

Not so fast, my friend. Riding your bike is the best way to learn how to apply your current fitness and skill levels to the trail. After a year or so of riding most people have maxed out their current fitness and skill levels, which is why they stop improving. While riding more can improve those things, you eventually run into the ugly truth - you hit the point of diminishing returns and an extra couple hours of riding each week doesn't really improve your overall performance.

Strength and conditioning is one of the most efficient uses of your mountain bike training time and can dramatically raise your performance potential. When done right, it can improve fitness and skill levels as you develop better body awareness, strength, power and mobility. That way, when you hit the trail you are learning to apply those new levels, resulting in an increase in performance without a large increase in riding time.

- "Get a bike fit": Bike fits are great - if you're a roadie. On the trail they are very limited when the perfect world of the roadie meets the chaos of the trail. Mountain biking carries a very high technical skill element and you want your bike set up to best fit this need, not to work around your mobility and movement deficits.

Most bike fits looks to change how the bike is set up around you regardless of how those changes affect the balance and handling on the trail. Some of the most common bike fit "fixes", such as changing stem length, will negatively affect your ability to corner and handle your bike. Mountain bikers need to pick the weapon that will give them the best balance and position and then work on fitting their body into that set up. It is rarely the fit that is holding a rider back; it is more often the tight and weak rider that is holding the bike back.

While working on your cardio, riding more and getting a bike fit can be helpful and result in some progress, they are not the most efficient and effective ways to transform your trail riding. The foundational movement and strength levels of the rider determine their true potential and by working on these things you can ride faster, longer and with more confidence no matter what bike you're riding or trail you're on. Strength and mobility training deserves an important spot in your mountain bike training program if you really want to stop riding at the same level year after year.

-James Wilson-

MTB Strength Training Systems is the world's only strength and conditioning company that focuses exclusively on the unique demands of mountain biking. Riders from around the world have discovered how they can climb faster, increase their skill and have more fun by upgrading the engine that drives their bike - their own body!

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