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Saturday, December 3, 2011

PCP Dec 2011

Hi guys, its been a while since the blog was updated, its really been a while, the whole reason, I think i lost the guts to handle PCP or aka Putrajaya Challenge Park @ dengkil. I cant jump anymore, i cant ride uphill, did not enjoy the ride, every slop was a stress, and push my way down the slope. After the ride, felt so tiring, and exhausted.

If you guys are having this kinda feel..dun worry.

The good news is, I got over it.

The last trip to PCP was 3 weeks ago, didnt really enjoy it, very the end of the ride, I was thinking, maybe its time to stop, I lost the knowledge to enjoy..I took it too seriously...maybe.

Today, I had another trial, very nice, manage to get throught he slopes, uphill (eventhough a bit tired) and downhill, kacang..

The remedy?
You got to ride with a free soul, clear your mind, dun think about work or study, just relax...and slowly adapt to it. DO NOT RIDE WITH A SERIOUS MIND SET.

You gonna do it, trust me.
A good ride always end with a satisfactory mind and soul.
Not a tired and exhausted body...

Now, go back and ride on!

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